Characters You Might Encounter Here

The list of folks mentioned here is pretty short, but I’ll share it so you have an idea of who’s who:

Miss A.  : My twin sister.  She’s one of my best friends, a constant encouragement to me in life, and teaches me to be curious. 

*If I mention “my sister” and don’t clarify which one, I’m referring to Miss A.

Big Sis  : My big sis who is 5 years older than I am.  With two little ones, life is always exciting!

Tech Man  : Big Sis’s husband and Little A’s dad.  He loves computers, his family, cooking,  and he making things lively.

Little A.  : Tech Man’s and Big Sis’s little girl and my niece.  She has gorgeous red hair, is very active, and loves the outdoors, reading, Grandma and Grandpa, her mom and dad, Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Nemo, her red wagon, and going to church.  She’s a funny (not-so-little) thing, but she can be quite a handful!

Mr. J : Big Sis and Little A’s little bro, and my first nephew.  The newest addition to our family, he was born 6 weeks early on Christmas Day 2012.  He is our best Christmas gift yet.

Mom and Dad are pretty obvious and they’re two of my favorite people.  They always make time to care about every person in the house, even after a full day, and can often be found playing with, reading to, or cuddling Little A.  My parents are wonderful examples to my family and I am blessed to have them.

Swing on by and chat awhile! I would serve up some lemonade and snickerdoodles, but the virtual kind don't taste very nice. Sorry about that.

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