Back to School: The Most Wonderful Season of All!

It’s here: Back to School time.  I am so pumped!  I haven’t been in school for two years, but I love gazing lovingly on the piles of spiral notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, and loads of backpacks, plus the bright dorm things: pillows, trash cans, plastic dinnerware, blankets, towels, rugs, shower curtains, and so much more!  If I had the money, I would love to buy these things for a college student who can’t afford much in the way of furnishings or school supplies.  Partly because I only had the funds for the latter–call it a lesson in money management–I had to bypass all the cool stuff that would look horribly out-of-place anywhere but a college dorm room. 

Consequently, August is my December.  My eyes always get bigger when I walk into a store at this time of year; there are so many amazing things available to students preparing for another glorious year of learning!  Okay, so I was in school for a long time and I know it’s not all glorious.  Particularly if you are enrolled in a math class or have a semester full of essays to write.  I promise, I feel your pain.

Actually, I enjoyed college more than any other area of my education, mostly because I didn’t have to have a hall pass to go to the bathroom and I could eat lunch whenever I felt like it.  What is that sweet smell?  Ah, yes…independence!  I also loved the open feel of the campus; everyone had a different schedule so I could pretty well do what I wanted with my time (a blessing and a curse), and I could use any of the buildings or spaces when I needed to. 

Besides that, I always felt there were a lot of great people who wanted to help me succeed: profs, administration, librarians, parents, group leaders, college town folks, friends, etc.  I also loved that there were so many fun activities to do on campus, groups to take part in, and friends to meet, which together can also make the college years incredibly overwhelming.  Time management, friends.  It will save you much frustration and many tears.  I am still learning this lesson.

Even though it’s only July, I’m seeing all of these wonderful school supplies–the stationery section is my Starbucks–and smelling the before-school fragrance of new things, of anticipation and preparation!  I’ve always liked school and this season never fails to bring back (mostly good) memories of those days and yearnings to return to them. 

Actually, I’m hoping to return to school and earn a degree that will enable me to help students reach their goals and to encourage them along the way.  Although I love all college students, I am especially inspired by nontrads (nontraditional students) in particular and would love to help these amazing folks returning to their studies.


Are you returning to school this year?  If so, what will you be studying?  What sort of classes are you going to be taking?  Which of those are you looking forward to?

If you are not returning to school, will you be reading or learning something else this fall? 


P.S.  I think fall is an amazing time to return to structured learning!  Nevertheless, I am a fan of lifelong learning myself, studies that are organized however the student learns best and continuing through snow, sun, and rain.

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4 thoughts on “Back to School: The Most Wonderful Season of All!

  1. It has been a long time since my College days….I say that with a ‘great big smile’ on my face! Reading your post, I was instantly transported back to that very special time….the sights, the sounds, the excitement and the wonderful ‘smell of independence”….Thank you….what great FUN this post was for me to read!! I love your writing style, your enthusiastic personality…shines like a beacon. ;-)

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