The Final Round: Interview No. 3

My last interview is tomorrow!  I don’t know what that means anymore, other than that it’s my last chance (at the moment) to score a job.  It’s fair to say I’m freaking out a little.  I was cool as a cucumber through the first interview, and pretty comfortable at the second, but this one has made me a wreck.  It’s for the same position as the first interview and I’ve definitely had practice with the polite interrogations from last week, but I’m still not sure what’s going to happen or if I can answer the questions the way they want–or at all.  At least by lunch it will all be over.  Then it’s back to the job hunt while I wait for the verdict.  So I’ll dress in my best, put on my super suit of confidence, and go in there like I already have the job.  That helps keep me calm. 

Describe one time you were super anxious about something.

How did you handle it? 

How did it turn out?



 Here’s something to make you smile: My 2-yr-old niece was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel tonight.  At the end, everyone is dancing and Alvin hollers “Shake what your mama gave ya!” (that makes me blush a little).  So Miss A. goes over to the TV and starts dancing with her rear end out and her hand imitating a chipmunk tail!  Too cute!

3 thoughts on “The Final Round: Interview No. 3

  1. I hate to think how nervous you are, and how much hinges on this final interview today. All I can say is be yourself. It’s probably down to you and one, or at the most two others, and a head honcho with hire/fire power needs to make the decision. Think about the job. What it entails. How you might make it better, or more effective, and grow into it in your mind, own it, I think they say!
    Armed with that, and the super suit, and how much you love, and are loved by, your family, you will be I n v I n c I b l e:).

    Good luck!

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