37 Minutes of Bliss: Helen Jane Long’s “Embers”

My bliss

Bliss (Wikipedia)

I’m sitting at my desk enjoying a cool, sunny day and taking in the gorgeous green grass, powder blue skies, lengths of white clouds, birds chipping and whistling, the smell of burning brush and mulched leaves (I really enjoy this scent!) drifting through my window while Helen Jane Long soothes my ruffled soul with offerings from her piano. 

Her talents deserve more praise than I know how to give, but if you’re looking for a little music to sweep you away for a while, Helen knows the path.  She has other albums, but this one is called “Embers” and it’s one of the places I fly to when I need a little piece of quiet.  Her songs are beautifully simple and titled with only one or two words. 

You should be able to listen to her here.  Enjoy!   :D

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the link; I’m new to the site it’s connected to.

Swing on by and chat awhile! I would serve up some lemonade and snickerdoodles, but the virtual kind don't taste very nice. Sorry about that.

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