The Scents of Autumn in (Almost) Rural Missouri

Fall foliage


The temps are changing around here, dropping from the 90s and 100s to 70s and 80s.  I fall absolutely in love with this weather every year without fail.  The weather wouldn’t signal fall, however, without those autumnal smells that ride the air oh-so-lazily.  Like fresh-cut hay; cattle and cow pats; burning wood; the fresh skin and flesh of new apples with smooth, sweet caramel; the last of the damp grass clippings; trees withdrawing into themselves as they descend into hibernation; and the smell of leaves turning–I’m sure they send a faint intelligence that they are tending toward their restful end.  There are just so many fantastic components of the incense that introduces the changing of seasons from summer to the transitional fall. 

I live “in town” by country standards, meaning I live near the main road and center of my little village.  Surrounded by housing, a fire station, and a cemetery, and located near the bank, health department, a gas station, grocery store, dollar store, “downtown”, and the park, I see a lot of traffic and am robbed of many autumn scents I might experience if I truly lived in rural Missouri.  I guess I’ll have to be content to live on the fringe.

What do you think are the best smells ushered in and accompanied by autumn?  Why are these your favorites?

One thought on “The Scents of Autumn in (Almost) Rural Missouri

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